4 Young Writers win prizes for Essays on Challenges in Humanitarian Space

Kuala Lumpur (ICRC) – Inspired by video games, teaching experience, volunteerism and a recent earthquake, four young writers won top prizes in the recently held...


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National Journalists Day (Hawana) would be celebrated on May 29, beginning next year

The government has accepted the proposal to proclaim May 29 annually as National Journalists Day in commemoration of the publication of the first edition of Utusan Melayu...


The National Press Club Malaysia is organising a 7-day Industry 4.0 and Digitalisation Study Programme to Germany for members of the media (from Sept 17th to Sept...

Media Workshop 2.0, Islamic Banking and Finance

The National Press Club of Malaysia (NPC) workshop on Islamic Banking and Finance aims to enhance the journalists' existing knowledge and understanding of the industry which is...

The NPC-PERAK ‘WORLD OF WONDERS’ Treasure Hunt 2017

NPC-PERAK ‘WOW’ TREASURE HUNT 2017 Date: 16 September 2017 Venue: Puteri Bayu Beach Resort, Pangkor Island The theme for the event is “Perak World of Wonders”. While promoting tourism, the...

Luncheon Talk by award-winning journalist Mr Peter Greste

The National Press Club (Malaysia), in collaboration with the Australian High Commission, organised a Luncheon Talk for journalists conducted by prolific and award-winning Australian journalist Mr Peter...


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Eddie Zachariah – Live

Live at the NPC Introducing on keyboards EDDIE ZACHARIAH To entertain us with his brand of RETRO music on Friday 4th November 2016 8.30pm onwards.

Bernama Band – Live

SAVE YOUR DATE Catch President Datuk Mokhtar Hussain, the Lead Guitarist of the Bernama Band performing live on 6th October 2016.
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